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Summary: A brief Park/Wilson encounter, taking place between Risky Business and The Confession.
Rating: gen.
Warning: I don't know where this came from. Not from canon.
Word Count: ~600.

Do you have a minute? )
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Summary: Three short missing scenes for 8.06 (spoilers). Prompted by a comment by [livejournal.com profile] xayeidemon over at [livejournal.com profile] deelaundry's and by my desire not to see House as a jerk and Wilson as an idiot. And by Wilson's choice of pizza provider, of course. 
Rating: General. 
Word Count: 200.

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Summary: missing scene between 8.04 and 8.05 (spoilers for both).
Characters: Wilson, Foreman.
Rating: general.
Warning: mention of alcohol abuse.
Word count: ~350.

It's about House, right? )
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Summary: Post ep for Risky Business, hence spoilers for it.
Rating: gen.
Warning: Written very fast.
Word count: ~600.

'Manners before morals' is a quotation. )
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Summary: Hurt/comfort. My belated halloween sick_wilson contribution, using prompts spider, shriek, and panic.
Rating: gen afaik.
Word Count: 100.

What really happens when Wilson sees a spider )
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Summary: A fic to start Season 8, ignoring rumors, promos and many intelligent fans' opinions. 
Word Count: 2600 approx.
Warning: spoilers for promos of S8. AU, maybe OoC.
Rating: Adult themes. No sex, violence, etc.
Disclaimer: done.
ETA: thanks to tailkinker_au for pointing out the correct spelling of an Australian city name. I still think that one y per word is enough, even though I know a meaning of syzygy that you all probably don't.

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A drabble inspired by the lack of teeth-themed fics on sick_wilson. AU, PG.
ETA Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] karaokegal the percentage of correctly spelled words went up 1%.
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First Time

Aug. 29th, 2011 10:25 pm
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A drabble in response to greglovesjimmy's awesomely inspiring prompt.
no warnings )
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Summary: A set of fifty-fifty drabbles, half House, half Wilson: what happens a day, a week, a month and a year after the end of Season 7. Format introduced by [livejournal.com profile] alternatealto  in Self Delusions, see also Eight Seconds by [livejournal.com profile] menolly_au.
Rating: NC-17 for themes. No sex, violence or swearwords.
Warning: Pairing H/OFC. Alcoholism, major character death, suicide, supernatural, happy ending.
Disclaimer: present.
Note: I need to let out some unhappiness.
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Thanks: to the ever awesome [livejournal.com profile] sick_wilson  mods who alerted me to the necessity to include a spoiler warning!
Spoilers: for Season 7 and for hearsay about Season 8.
Warning: angst, depression, alcoholism, DUI, mention of character death (neither House nor Wilson - this is not part of gossip, at least none I have heard).
Word Count: ~1400.
Rating: NC-17 for adult themes (see warning).
Disclaimer: present.
Note: this fic is sex-free to celebrate [livejournal.com profile] sick_wilson' birthday. Best wishes!

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Summary: This is a sequel to my fic At the end of the tunnel. House manages to avoid the dreaded conversation with Wilson, but not its consequences.
Rating: R for non-explicit sex, vigorous innuendo, tasteless final line, advertisement. Contains artistic image of male frontal nudity.
Note: Fulfills requirements of "Hug Wilson" challenge. Also contains Sekret Woid #7 Laryngitis.
Word Count: ~1300
Disclaimer: Don't own.
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Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] barefootpuddles' Literary Drabble Challenge, a camp [livejournal.com profile] sick_wilson activity.
Prompt/Summary: You can tell how fragile a boy is by how ferociously he fights over autonomy (from "Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys")
Rating: general (I am so proud of myself). ETA Possibly PG for mention of drinking and driving (thank you barefootpuddles!)
Word Count: 100.
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Summary: Wilson’s antidepressants make him very sick, and House comes back to PPTH to help. Generic spoilers for Season 7.
Rating: Adult for sex.
Warning: Suicide attempt implied.
Word Count: 1001.
Note: Ten connected drabbles (the last one of 101 words) for my kink_bingo card entry Dirty Talk. 

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Summary: Post 7x22, Wilson is staying with House to help him gradually reduce Vicodin. AU, possibly crack, mild spoilers for S7.
Rating: adult for implied sex.
Note: I took prompts #3 (speed, tent, soft) from [livejournal.com profile] yarroway’s Drabble Challenge for Camp [livejournal.com profile] sick_wilson.
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Jul. 12th, 2011 09:25 pm
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Summary: House chooses a holiday destination/ carefully plans entertainment for two./ Wilson has doubts about the situation,/ but in the end there is fun for him, too,/ enjoying a gay-friendly, sun-bathed nation/ with a wide view on what tourists may do.
AU, h/w established. Dialog only.
Rating: Adults only, for nudity and sex.
Note: Wilson's POV: words he doesn't understand are omitted. Happy, sunny mood. Written for [livejournal.com profile] yarroway's camp [livejournal.com profile] sick_wilson challenge Into The Woods. Sorry, no trees.
Word Count: ~750.
Disclaimer: as usual.

A beach is an unlikely choice for a cripple. Imagine for two. )
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Summary: House and Wilson take a short train trip while vacationing, and Wilson gets a claustrophobia-triggered panic attack.
Rating: NC-17 for sexual thoughts plus one swearword. [Any suggestions on the rating welcome.]
Warning: My first (and probably last) attempt at Self Insert (With Bonus Kids). 
Word Count: ~1700.
Note: Written for the Have Wilson - Will Travel Challenge proposed for Camp [livejournal.com profile] sick_wilson  by [livejournal.com profile] menolly_au.
Disclaimer: as usual.

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Summary: Wilson and his brother enjoy the fireworks together. A July 4th drabble for camp sick_wilson.
Warning: major character death, suicide
Rating: NC-17 for adult themes. No sex, violence or swearwords. Suggestions on the rating appreciated.
Word count: 100.
Disclaimer: as usual.
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Summary: OMC/OFC chat over breakfast about OMC's new nighttime job. A double drabble inspired by Sekret woid #4: Nightmares
Warning: sad.
Rating: PG-13, I think. Suggestions welcome.
Word count: 200.
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Summary: "Power wears out those who don't have it". Wilson is powerless: a drabble.
Rating: gen. 
Spoilers: not very explicit for S7.
Word Count: 100.
Note: includes Sekret Woid #5 Stress.
Disclaimer: as usual.
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