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This is my account for writing fan fiction. It was triggered by a House, MD overload followed by severe dissatisfaction with the current direction of the series. First time I see a US series in the original and understand it word for word - at least after the third time I watch the same episode (I usually get them dubbed).
I'm a middle aged, butch-looking and bitch-sounding straight woman. I have children who go to school. And a husband.
I don't appreciate music, dancing nor any sport except fusball. I tend to be underweight.
I love reading and can do so in 7+ languages, all of them European. I can brush my teeth without stopping reading (including putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush, and closing the toothpaste tube again).
I dislike computers and cars, but use them nevertheless.
My day job has nothing to do with anything I've mentioned so far, except that it involves writing in English.

From Ursula K. Le Guin's Introduction to her novel The Left Hand of Darkness:

I do not say that artists cannot be seers, inspired: that the awen cannot come upon them, and the god speak through them. Who would be an artist if they did not believe that that happens? if they did not know it happens, because they have felt the god within them use their tongue, their hands?
Maybe only once, once in their lives. But once is enough.

Nor would I say that the artist alone is so burdened and privileged. The scientist is another who prepares, who makes ready, working day and night, sleeping and awake, for inspiration. As Pythagoras knew, the god may speak in the forms of geometry as well as in the shapes of dreams; in the harmony of pure thought as well as in the harmony of sounds; in the numbers as well as in words.
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