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One of the things I did like: House's joke about what comes after "Boxing".

1. Why would Foreman decide or agree to do something that must make Wilson pissed at him, too? It's not like his tenure will be any easier if he angers Department Heads for no reason. It seems stupid, which is not IC for him.

2. Why would three doctors care for boxing, a "sport" where the "players" systematically sustain medical injuries, acute and longterm?

3. Was it by police request that Foreman had to be with House in Atlantic City? Was it Foreman's decision because he wanted to go as well? Was it House's? If so, is it because he wants to suck up to his Dean, or because he prefers his company to Wilson's, or because he's testing Wilson's friendship again, or because he just finds it a fun prank?
More importantly, how do we know which it is?

Homily: [Of course the main question is #3.] Many fans were pissed at House (and some at Wilson). I was too stunned by the complete lack of logic/explanations to be able to have any reaction at all. Maybe I missed something because of my poor English.
Imho House does need to get out of the apartment/hospital groove much more than Wilson needs to see a boxing match.
I don't think one can pass moral judgement on House's behavior as if he were a free-acting agent. He isn't. He is on parole, and Foreman has complete control as to whether he goes back to jail. His freedom is very limited and his future (professionally as well) totally uncertain.

Blessing: thank you so much to all those that wrote fics/musings/anything. Any of them had more logic and sense and coherency in it than canon did.

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