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Summary: Three short missing scenes for 8.06 (spoilers). Prompted by a comment by [livejournal.com profile] xayeidemon over at [livejournal.com profile] deelaundry's and by my desire not to see House as a jerk and Wilson as an idiot. And by Wilson's choice of pizza provider, of course. 
Rating: General. 
Word Count: 200.

He tried to make sense of the column of numbers in front of him, but couldn't. He closed the budget spreadsheet, pushed the laptop aside and picked up Doctor Bear instead, as his memory unhelpfully replayed the recent conversation.

He was sure he hadn't sounded convincing while answering how he was supposed to, but Foreman had seemed weird too, his speech taken verbatim from some crappy soap opera. The only sentence that had ringed true was the opening gambit: "I'd like to go there, too."

He clutched the teddy when he finally got it.

"I'm not promising anything: the parole officers still suspect he tried to tamper with his anklet."

"But you'll try."

Foreman smirked. "It would be more difficult to justify my going otherwise. Thank you."

He instinctively repressed the word blackmail and stared at the tickets one last time.

Superstition had made him switch the cellphone to mute, but he'd brought his key. Regret and envy rose as he watched them laugh together and ceased abruptly at the first glimpse of the anklet.

He bit satisfied into his favorite pizza, too garlicky for House's fastidious nose. At least for an evening his friend could pretend to be free. 

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