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There's a short and interesting comment on the last episode by [livejournal.com profile] leakey_lover. Highly recommended.

I keep reading complaints about Park's way of speaking, but I actually find her no more difficult to understand than the rest. And I don't find her voice annoying either. She looks and sounds a bit like me at twelve. On the other hand, I utterly dislike Adams, and have a special place in Hell for the shoes she gives Park: the color and the style, and more so the idea of choosing shoes for someone else that seems to me completely demented. I appreciate that [livejournal.com profile] cuddyclothes, following [livejournal.com profile] deelaundry's prompt, put them to good use.

Tonight I went with my daughter to a public lecture on how do we know that the Universe expansion is accelerating. It was extremely good, and she followed it easily although it was in English. The speaker usually works in a lab I often went to - because it's near to a research Institute where I occasionally go, the lab has a restaurant and the Institute doesn't. Of course I've been in the lab cafeteria only.

When we got out, she said what that guy was doing seemed like an interesting career choice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The twins refused to come and remained home alone. They had dinner and one of them was already in bed when we came back at eight thirty. The other one was, and is, reading. [Guess who's H and who's W. Too easy, uh?]

I have to give a talk tomorrow and a lecture Friday. I will have to get up early tomorrow and finish last-minute preparation. Today I didn't do anything because I was in an extremely bad mood. Flare up of depression, plus husband traveling, plus House-related anger, plus my-last-five-ideas-didn't-work angst. I need to pull myself together, since going until my-last-fifty-ideas-didn't-work is a completely normal event.
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