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There's a short and interesting comment on the last episode by [livejournal.com profile] leakey_lover. Highly recommended.

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Warning: this is a long, rant-y poorly edited review of 8x02. Also it's one am, but I needed to get this out of my system before work starts tomorrow. Short summary: I liked it, but I'm worried about the future.

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The very best part of this episode are the fics it has inspired, many of them much better than the episode itself, as they should be, but they're finally working with canon instead of against or around it. Let's hope this can continue through Season 8. Or at least in 8x03.
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Today at 4am there was a fire in one of Rome's train stations. As a result, long-distance train connections all over the country are disrupted, and it seems impossible to book a ticket online. I might have to travel 500 miles on local trains. 

ETA: Ah, Italy. I traveled perfectly on time, indeed one of the trains was five minutes early (in fact it had 175 minutes delay, on a line where there's a train every hour).
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I cannot resist quoting a wonderful sentence my beloved grandmother once shouted at a bus driver (see PS for context; no blasphemy, some very coarse language and very violent sadistic imagery follows).
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On 7x23.

May. 25th, 2011 10:32 am
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ETA: I don't know why I got three lj cuts.

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"here encountering the first knot in the smooth skein of her argument." (V. Woolf, Orlando: A Biography)
"the smooth skein of his imagination had encountered the first knot:" (my fic A Member Of The Wedding)

How come quotations from Gone With The Wind, The Muppet Show or The Little Mermaid (Disney, not Andersen) are immediately recognized while a sentence lifted almost verbatim from Virginia Woolf goes unnoticed? 
Maybe I should use precise quotations. Maybe it's a US/UK issue. Feedback appreciated.


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