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There's a short and interesting comment on the last episode by [livejournal.com profile] leakey_lover. Highly recommended.

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I just finished posting the 23rd and last chapter of Science Quest Camp, and on a whim decided to check how long the fic is altogether. 40K+ words.
I never thought I would write anything as long as that. Good, bad or middling is besides the point, the sheer quantity says how important this story was, is, for me.
Thank you very much to everybody who read and commented. 

RPF poll

Sep. 5th, 2011 09:40 pm
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[Poll #1776159]

A filter means that I would make a list of pepole who do not mind RPF and only those would see the RPF posts.
Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] petitecuriosity who asked a brilliant, important question.

PS In completelty unrelated news, I finally got a library card. And I also discovered that anything labeled child or young adult can be taken on loan for free, including DVD's. Woot!
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Hi everybody! I am writing this from the living room of chocolate_frapp's apartment in California, where I spent almost one week having a fantastic time! among the highlights are the fact that parts of the apartment are the nearest I've seen to an art gallery specialised in HL images, a personal guide to the best to do, see and eat in the area, and of course an afternoon at the Mint listening to the impressive singing skills of both chocolate_frapp and karaokegal.
Now chocolate_frapp's roomie has set up my very new iPad and I just have to catch up with a week's worth of fics.
Hi everyone, and feel free to be envious! I even got to swim in chocolate_frapp's mythical swimming pool! yay!
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Today at 4am there was a fire in one of Rome's train stations. As a result, long-distance train connections all over the country are disrupted, and it seems impossible to book a ticket online. I might have to travel 500 miles on local trains. 

ETA: Ah, Italy. I traveled perfectly on time, indeed one of the trains was five minutes early (in fact it had 175 minutes delay, on a line where there's a train every hour).
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So I let myself be talked into becoming the mod (hopefully soon a mod) for sick_house.
I've put up a poll over there just to test the waters.
Any of you who think one infarction is not enough are welcome to go and answer.
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RL is busy today so I'll answer with calm later (or, possibly, tomorrow) but the thought that I may give any of you legal problems really, seriously freaked me out. Italy doesn't keep public lists of sex offenders, but I know many other countries do.
Let me just add that the warning I received was extremely friendly an not at all offensive. I am always amazed by the warmth, support and kindness this community offers. Thank you all so much. 


Jun. 5th, 2011 10:30 pm
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I was alerted to the fact that a story I posted is illegal in some countries (although it is definitely legal in mine). But internet has no boundaries, and I don't want anyone to be in trouble. I locked the post away. I feel sorry but it's late in the evening and I'm tired and I hadn't even thought that there would be countries where reading fantasy stories was illegal. But there are. I am sorry because it means there are topics you can't discuss.
I'm too tired to think. Comments and insults and told-you-so and how-can-you-be-so-stupid welcome as usual, but I will not see them until tomorrow morning and possibly later. 
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I cannot resist quoting a wonderful sentence my beloved grandmother once shouted at a bus driver (see PS for context; no blasphemy, some very coarse language and very violent sadistic imagery follows).
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Title: Functional Analysis
Warning: Not understandable, not funny. Except possibly if you've been studying Functional Analysis recently.
Rating: PG
Word Count: twenty.
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I have tons of Ikea furniture. Mostly because my husband likes it and it's so cheap it doesn't matter if the kids spoil something. But sometimes I feel really, really proud. All rightwing Italy is angry at Ikea now. On Easter day, LOL.

The slogan says "We're open for/towards every family." 


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