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There's a short and interesting comment on the last episode by [livejournal.com profile] leakey_lover. Highly recommended.

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Slash fanfic, of course.

ETA: And gets commented on Language Log. Guys (and gals), we're going mainstream.
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 There's nothing whatsoever I can add to this. Except that Emmy Noether is one of my personal heroes.

XKCD comic on female physicists and mathematicians, featuring my favorites
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Title: Functional Analysis
Warning: Not understandable, not funny. Except possibly if you've been studying Functional Analysis recently.
Rating: PG
Word Count: twenty.
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I don't celebrate Pi Day. Unlike M3, I don't have a favorite mathematical constant.
But when I had to choose a number for my lj username, I didn't think of my birthday. I guess I am a geek.

On an unrelated note, recently Italy won a Six Nation match against France. I've loved watching that tournament on TV for so many years that back then it was called Five Nations, before Italy joined. Maybe we can avoid the wooden spoon this year.


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