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Summary: Three short missing scenes for 8.06 (spoilers). Prompted by a comment by [livejournal.com profile] xayeidemon over at [livejournal.com profile] deelaundry's and by my desire not to see House as a jerk and Wilson as an idiot. And by Wilson's choice of pizza provider, of course. 
Rating: General. 
Word Count: 200.

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Summary: missing scene between 8.04 and 8.05 (spoilers for both).
Characters: Wilson, Foreman.
Rating: general.
Warning: mention of alcohol abuse.
Word count: ~350.

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Summary: Post ep for Risky Business, hence spoilers for it.
Rating: gen.
Warning: Written very fast.
Word count: ~600.

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Drabble Prologue
Chapter 1, warnings, and stuff.
Chapter 2

ETA: I just noticed I haven't thanked anyone for their comments on chapter 2. I often forget, but not in such a total way. Sorry. All your comments are always very, very gratefully received.

Chapter 3

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Title: Four Divorces And A Funeral
Summary: This fic contains no divorce and no funeral. Sequel to "It Happened On Halloween." House's POV with occasional exceptions.
Rating: PG13, maybe more. See warnings. No sex.
Warnings: Violence, mention of sexual violence, suicide attempt, possible suicide, minor OCs, Mary Sue, possible happy ending. Spoiler for 7.23, 8.01, minor spoilers for 8.02, 8.03.

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Title: It Happened On Halloween
Wordcount: 100
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Key idea (Mendelsohn gets his revenge on House through accomplices out of jail) shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] menolly_au's Start Again.
Warnings: Implied violence. Coarse language. Spoilers for 8.01.
Note: Prologue to a longer fic but can also be read as a stand alone.
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Summary: Someone rings House's doorbell the evening after 8.03. Spoilers for the ep.
Word count: 460.
Rating: gen.

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Summary: A fic to start Season 8, ignoring rumors, promos and many intelligent fans' opinions. 
Word Count: 2600 approx.
Warning: spoilers for promos of S8. AU, maybe OoC.
Rating: Adult themes. No sex, violence, etc.
Disclaimer: done.
ETA: thanks to tailkinker_au for pointing out the correct spelling of an Australian city name. I still think that one y per word is enough, even though I know a meaning of syzygy that you all probably don't.

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