Mar. 30th, 2011

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Title: Brain Damage
Spoilers: End of season 4
Summary: Deep brain stimulation is a dangerous procedure. What if House’s brain had been damaged? Twenty chapters.
Rating: NC-17 (M)
Word Count: 21000 approx.
Disclaimer: we own nothing, not even a functioning brain.
Author's note: many thanks to my incredibly efficient and supportive beta reader, [ profile] coconut_ice22. This fic is a very expanded version of a one/shot of mine, Almost Like A Child. The new userpic is courtesy of [ profile] luridlurker and comes from this manip.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Daily Life

It was 9am when the alarm went off. )
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Some people on my f-list occasionally voice money concerns. Recently, one person mentioned living paycheck to paycheck. And this got me thinking about money, and I realized two things.

One is that I have always had more money than I really need, starting from age eighteen, when I began college with a full grant (tuition, room and board), all through my studies, until I landed my first permanent (tenured) job before I turned 24.

The second is that I obtained this by blindly following my passion and doing something I love against the advice of both my parents, who told me repeatedly that I was making a foolish choice. It is hard to feel very moral when one looks at my life.


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