Feb. 16th, 2011

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Ok, so this episode was much better, and not just because the last one freaked me out. Because there was Wilson, and a cat. I mean, how much better can it get? Well, as far as I'm concerned, it could be improved by swapping the cat and House in the last two scenes :-) but still, it's moving in the right direction.
Let me start by saying that voluntarily caring for a sick cat which is not yours is about the gayest thing I can think of. I do know someone who is taking care of a number of stray cats in the street, and keeps at home with him the sickest of them. He even took vet courses (he can do it free in the university where he's professor) to take better care of them. And he has been living together with his boyfriend since last century. 
Yeah, I know, my parents wake up every other night to take care of their asthma suffering cat, so this proves nothing, but I must admit that with Wilson's past, and House stuck at Cuddy's place (does he miss the piano at all?) a cat seems the best bet for a bedfellow.
I like Masters. Not the way she dresses, of course. At her age I was dressed in random clothes in the futile attempt to be cute. Now I still have no fashion sense, but I dress to be comfortable which is way easier.
And I'm kind of puzzled by Taub moving in with Foreman. Are TPTB thinking that any two male doctors sharing an apartment are equivalent for the fans? This is entirely too ridiculous.
The motivation also sucks. I'm the kind of person that aces tests, and that's something you don't lose. When the test comes, you'll spike whatever the appropriate text-passing hormone is. Even if you're tired, sick, or just not prepared enough. It's an instinct. Like the way a cat lands on its feet.
I miss clinic. I was kind of hopeful today, but no way.
And I don't know why suddenly House cares about Wilson finding a girlfriend. Guilt for leaving his best friend alone, I guess.
Well, I've seen it, read the Medical Review (which contains the awesomely medical commentary "At least Wilson was back this week"), and now I can go and read all the hilson post-episode fanfics
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Title: He Considered His Options
Author: damigella aka damigella_314
Rating: NC-17 (M)
Warning: very dark. Major character death. Mention of suicide. No violence or sex. One swearword. 
Word count: 700.
Summary: Wilson has a cardiac arrest. House gives him TLC.
Disclaimer: don't own anything but a broken heart.
Author's Note: This is my dark response to We Heart Wilson - Valentine's Day challenge on sick_wilson
Many thanks for encouraging comments and beta reading to [livejournal.com profile] mmorgan317 
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